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ODK International Services Limited aim to achieve its mission through an integrated management system approach within her operations and external services in such a professional manner considering Health and safety of her employees and those that may be affected by her operations, care for the Environment where they operate while achieving quality goods and services following customers’/clients’ and applicable statutory requirements as an integral system of the business.

This shall be achieved through clear commitment to;

  • Ensuring HSE & Q issues are integral part of our core business values.
  • Prevent injury to personnel, impact to environment and damage to equipment during operations through risk assessment of new and existing operations and regular reviews of the company’s management system.
  • Set standards which ensure compliance with all applicable HSE & Q regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Ensuring all employees understand their HSE & Q responsibilities, demonstrating visible commitments to our HSE & Q expectations and embracing the culture of incidents and non-conformities as preventable.
  • Continual improvement through periodic management review process.
  • Implementing a proactive risk management process and monitoring effective programs/plans to protect our employees, stakeholders, clients and host community from any adverse effects of our operations, while meeting clients and statutory requirements.
  • Work with clients, stakeholders, contractors and our employees to achieve the best practice within the industry through consultation.
  • Building a mutually profitable relationship with our customers, ensuring their long-term success through the understanding of their needs.
  • Achieving our commitments for quality, cost and schedule.
  • Ensuring all our operations has emergency preparedness program that can respond rapidly and effectively to any emergencies when need arises.